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Cement Mixer!

CementMixerScotty’s Drink of the Week from the Spec Ops: The Line episode of Sanity Claws Radio!

Cement Mixer – Another in the family of shots one receives when turning 21, the Cement Mixer is your worst nightmare.  Put 1/2 oz of sweetened lime juice in a shot glass, then top with 1 oz of Irish cream.  ***The acidity of the lime juice will instantly curdle the cream.***  Gingerly place the contents of the shot glass into your mouth, shake your head from side to side to ensure thorough shame, and OOPS – somebody knocked over the shot glass!  RUN, LEGO GANDALF!  RUN FOR YOUR TINY PLASTIC LIFE!

Oh… It’s everywhere…  Even in other Drink of the Week photos…

>>> Thanks Jeff H!

Bloody Mary!

BloodyMaryScotty’s Drink of the Week from the Sustainability of the Triple-A Market episode of Sanity Claws Radio!

Bloody Mary – You asked for the best Bloody Mary recipe we could find, and here it is!  Fill a pint glass with ice cubes.  Add 1/2 tsp of each: ground horseradish, celery salt, ground black pepper, and Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning.  Then add 3 dashes of hot sauce and 6 dashes of worcestershire sauce.  Finally, pour in 1.5 oz of vodka and 8 oz of Clamato (tomato juice cocktail – made by Mott’s).  Garnish with a celery stalk/stir stick and a fancy-pants lemon wheel.  Seems like a lot of work for an early morning cocktail, but it is completely worth it!

Notes: Stir frequently.  The lemon wheel adds citric acid, which opens up and brightens the flavors in the cocktail.  This recipe yields a cocktail that is well balanced and does not suffer from the 2 biggest pitfalls of the Bloody Mary: being too salty or being too hot.  That being said, there are as many Bloody Mary recipes as there are people actually named Mary.  Feel free to adjust this recipe as your tastes dictate.  For example, if you want more heat, substitute Absolt’s Peppar vodka!  (If the drink gets too hot, well, that’s what the celery is for).  If you prefer something saltier, add some blue cheese stuffed olives!  The sky is really the limit here.  Just don’t be that guy (or girl) with an entire produce section falling out of your drink.

>>>  Thanks for the challenge, John S!

Prairie Fire!

PrairieFireScotty’s Drink of the Week from the Rant Club episode of Sanity Claws Radio!

Prairie Fire – One of the most popular shots to buy for someone you hate (or who is turning 21), the Prairie Fire might as well be called the Dumpster Fire.  Simply add 2 oz of blanco (white) tequila to a shot glass.  Throw in a few dashes of hot sauce and marvel at a shot looks like a prairie fire on the bottom with burning embers floating up towards your awaiting maw.  This shot will ruin your evening.  Cheers!

>>> Thanks Jeff H!

Rocket Pop!

RocketPopScotty’s Drink of the Week from the Steam Model on Consoles episode of Sanity Claws Radio!

Rocket Pop – So the recipe we received simply read, “Bicardi Razz, Lemonade, Blue Curacao.  Bam.”  Turns out that those things don’t layer properly on their own.  It also turns out that Bicardi Razz has been discontinued and replaced with a colorless rum named Bicardi Black Razz.  But that’s ok – we’re liquor surgeons!

Combine 1.5 oz Bicardi Black Razz with 0.5 oz grenadine, stir and pour into a low-ball glass.  Pack glass with crushed ice.  Pour 2 oz of lemonade over a bar spoon and around the edge of the glass.  Repack with more crushed ice.  Gently drizzle 2 oz of blue curacao over the ice pack.  Serve with a spoon.  AMERICA!

>>> Thanks Janel!

Birth Control!

BirthControlScotty’s Drink of the Week from the E3 – 2013 episode of Sanity Claws Radio!

Birth Control – Combine in a shaker ice and 1.5 oz each of gin and rye whiskey.  Shake and strain over ice into a low ball glass.  This all-liquor cocktail will leave you unable to walk or see straight let alone formulate the sentences necessary to execute a successful pickup!

>>> Thanks Julie and Paul B!

Beer All Stars!



Scotty’s All Stars!

Delirium Tremens – Named for the chief symptom of alcohol withdrawl, this Belgian Strong Pale Ale has all the flavors – ALL OF EM – balanced in a way that will make you wonder why you ever drank any other beer.  The longest continually-brewed beer in the world checks in at an ABV of 8.5%

Piraat – Don’t let the bitter bouquet of this Belgian Strong Ale fool you.  It boasts a clean, crisp, and profoundly well balanced body that often lands it on every top 5 beer in the world list.  Like any good pirate, Piraat check in with an ABV of 10.5%

Banana Bread Beer – This ale carries a smooth banana flavor on a platform of lemon, grass, and pepper.  Brewed by Wells & Young’s in England, this light-bodied ale checks in at an ABV of 5.2%

Steve’s All Stars!

Summer Time Ale – Brewed with all German ingredients in the Germantown area of Detroit, MI, Atwater’s  Summer Time Ale brings a distinctly German brewing approach to infusing crisp, lemon flavor into a pale ale.  This American Pale Ale weighs in at
an ABV of 5%

Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple Ale – The standard Gulden Draak is a world class Belgian Strong Dark Ale.  If you add 9000 and then multiply by 4, it has to be even better, right?  ABV – 10.7%

Sapporo Reserve – There’s always something to be said for that one beer that everyone keeps on hand – that personal stock beer.  It’s the beer you can always reach for after a long day and it will never let you down.  For Steve, Sapporo Reserve is that one beer.  It tastes like mid-century American beer used to and reminds Steve of the Americanization of Imperial Japan in the late 1870’s.  Boasting a really cool can, it checks in at an
ABV of 5.2%

Crafty Beer!


Crafty Beer!

We identified several beers that are trying to pass themselves off as “craft beer.”  But don’t be fooled – these are the usual suspects:

Anheuser-Busch InBev

Bass Pale Ale
Shock Top Belgian White (Michelob)
The Black Crown


Blue Moon Belgian White (Miller)
Redd’s Apple Ale (Miller)
Batch 19 Pre-Prohibition Lager (Coors)
Third Shift Amber Lager (Coors)

Irish Ginger!

IrishGingerScotty’s Drink of the Week from the Let’s Plays and Copyright Law episode of Sanity Claws Radio!

Irish Ginger – Fill a rocks glass with ice, add 1.5 oz of Jameson Irish whiskey, and fill the remainder of the glass with ginger ale.  Squeeze a lime wedge over the top of the cocktail and stir gently.  It is said that a true Irish Ginger is covered with multicolored stripes and polka-dots and has crazy, bulging eyeballs.  Of course, the elusive creature has never been photographed…

>>> Courtesy of Merchant’s Fine Wine in Dearborn, MI!



Scotty’s Drink of the Week from the Xbox One Reveal episode of Sanity Claws Radio!

The Maranda – Fill a tall Collins glass with ice cubes, add 2 oz of Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum and finish with sweet peach iced tea!  Simple yet thirst-quenching at the end of a long summer day.  We could really get used to this, “good tasting cocktail submissions” thing!

>>> Thanks Scooty Puff Ranger!

Don’t Tell Me What To Do!

DontTellMeWhatToDoScotty’s Drink of the Week from the Deceptive Game Intros episode of Sanity Claws Radio!

Don’t Tell Me What To Do – Place 4 to 6 ice cubes in a highball glass.  Add Jameson Irish whiskey to taste.  When those around you tell you not to drink this cocktail, kick it up a notch by adding a lightish red bendy straw and shouting in their face, “Don’t tell me what to do!”

>>> Thanks Listener Jake!