Lobstertank #19 – Not the Youmacon Episode!

sanity_claws_radio_mainIt’s an emergency LobsterTank with Badger, Scotty, Steve, Karen, and Jon as they discuss why this is not the Youmacon episode and to answer your emails.

The group sits down to talk about Youmacon and why the episode recorded at that convention is not being presented this week. Also, Steve discusses a nightmare inducing story about ducks and lakes. Also we answer some emails. It’s a surprisingly long discussion. Join in won’t you?

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Duration: 1:28:54
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Show Segments:

Opening Theme – 0:00:00
Youmacon – 0:26:03
Steve’s Horror Story – 0:31:21
Emails – 0:39:20
Scotty’s Drink of the Week – 1:18:57
Final Claws – 1:26:25
Outtakes – 1:27:43

Podcasts Mentioned

Thrilling Adventure Hour
Star Talk Radio
Car Talk
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Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
Sci Friday
Zane Lamprey
This American Life
Hello Internet
Getting On with James Urbaniak
Pop Culture Happy Hour
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Links Mentioned on the Show

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Japanese Whiskey

Darkworld Jazz by Gux