Sanity Claws Radio – I Can Top That Marathon 2014!

sanity_claws_radio_mainIt’s a drunken reflection of the year as the group plays their annual I Can Top That Marathon! It’s yet another SUPER LONG episode, so grab a tasty beverage and join in.

Join Scotty, Steve, Karen, Jon and Badger as they answer questions that reflect on the momentous events of the year! This game also brings out the annual Chance Cards for extra insanity. Also, Karen and Scotty continue karting, Badger goes on all of the trips, and Jon expresses excitement over a kid’s cartoon!  Join in, it’s a drunkenly wild time!

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Songs Played:

Opener: Starshine_On_The_Rocks – By CarboHydroM
Break: Super Mario Bros. ‘Mario Likes Thorazine’ – By Shnabubula
Break:  Informing Stanley – Bits of Music from The Stanley Parable – By The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra
Closer: The_Girl_And_The_Wolf – By CarboHydroM

Show Segments:

Cold Intro – 0:00:00
Opening Theme – 0:00:01
Amiibos! – 0:00:18
Intro – 0:12:32
Email – 0:13:05
Roundtable – 0:22:45
Drink of the Week – 0:50:12
Break – 0:58:30
Main Topic I Can Top That Marathon – 0:58:59
Final Claws – 2:22:08
Outtakes – 2:22:55

Games Discussed

Final Fantasy Tactics
The Legend of Zelda the Windwaker HD
Mario Kart 8

Tales from the Borderlands
The Walking Dead
80 Days
Ultimate NES Remix
The Gods Will be Watching

TV Discussed

The Legend of Korra