Traveler’s Time Traveler Strawberry Shandy!

TimeTraveler_ShandyScotty’s Drink of the Week from the Kickstarter episode of Sanity Claws Radio!

Traveler’s Time Traveler Strawberry Shandy – Historically speaking, the shandy is a style of beer originating in Germany.  Traditionally, a shandy is a 50/50 mix of a pilsner and lemonade and is consumed seasonally in the spring and summer months.  Beer aficionados commonly refer to a shandy as a radler (the original German name for this concoction).  What the Traveler Beer Company has created here is an unoffensive, lightly flavored, strawberry-alcohol beverage.  Checking in at 4.4%, this is a slightly better alternative to Leinenkugel’s *shudder* Summer Shandy (seasonally available starting in… February?  /PublicShaming)

Consensus 3/5 – Average, but not bad.