Sanity Claws Radio – Innovations in Games!

sanity_claws_radio_mainWe look at innovation in gaming in this episode of Sanity Claws Radio.

Scotty, Karen, Badger, and Jon talk about those innovations in gaming that we want to see happen. We talk about innovations that have happened, what we think would be cool in the future and some of the problems with innovating too fast. Also, Badger cleans up, Scotty and Karen have differing strategies with Pikmin, and Jon can’t talk about a game that he played! And finally, we finish off the show with a heated round of I Can Top That. It’s a fun time! Join in Won’t you?

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Songs Played:

Opener: Starshine_On_The_Rocks – By CarboHydroM
Break: Super Mario Bros. 3 ‘Battle Rocks’ – By AmIEviL
Break: Following Stanley – from the Stanley Parable Official Soundtrack- By The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra
Closer: The_Girl_And_The_Wolf – By CarboHydroM

Show Segments:

Cold Intro  – 0:00:00
Opening Theme – 0:00:04
No Steve and Amiibo! – 0:00:21
Intro – 0:14:48
Email – 0:16:14
Roundtable – 0:24:40
Drink of the Week – 0:52:54
Break – 0:55:49
Innovations in Games – 0:56:18
Break – 1:24:00
I Can Top That! – 1:24:29
Final Claws – 1:49:48
Outtakes – 1:50:28

Roundtable Items

Steven Universe
Pikmin 3
Beer and Vikings
Exploding Kittens
Borderlands 2
Viscera Cleanup Detail
The Beginner’s Guide
Super Mario Maker
We Bare Bears

Main Topic Items

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

World of Warcraft Comic Scotty Mentioned

WoW Comic

Mario Maker Levels

Claustrophobia (made by Skyler!)

Enjoy (made by Kitty)

Mario is Beautiful. (Simplicity) (made by Kitty)

Jon’s Levels

Keep it simple Zelda!

Kickin’ Shells, Breakin’ Bricks

Palutena Versus Bowser’s Armada

Get the Leaf and Fly to the Exit