Sanity Claws Radio – Popular Games that We Don’t Like!

sanity_claws_radio_mainWe get more salt out as we talk about those highly rated and popular games that we just don’t like on this episode of Sanity Claws Radio.

Scott, Karen, Steve, Lyndsay, Mike, and Jon talk about those games that are super popular that every LOVES to play… except us. We talk about why we don’t like those games and how we avoid playing them. Also, Scott and Karen continue in Zelda, Mike Minecrafts it up, Lyndsay gets into more cartoons, Steve explores American Skyrim, and Jon splats it up. Finally, we wrap up the show with a round of I Can Top That!

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Songs Played:

Opener: Starshine_On_The_Rocks – By CarboHydroM
Break: Zelda Wind Waker: Dragon Roost Island – Metal Cover – RichaadEB
Break: Splatoon: Ink or Sink (Squid Squad) – Guitar Cover – RichaadEB
Closer: The_Girl_And_The_Wolf – By CarboHydroM

Show Segments:

Cold Intro  – 0:00:00
Opening Theme – 0:00:40
Jon’s Stalker – 0:00:57
Intro – 0:10:21
Roundtable – 0:13:07
Drink of the Week – 0:59:40
Break – 1:06:219
Popular Games That We Don’t Like – 1:06:48
Break – 1:36:52
I Can Top That! – 1:37:21
Final Claws – 2:05:43
Steve Soundbite – 2:05:53