Beer All Stars!



Scotty’s All Stars!

Delirium Tremens – Named for the chief symptom of alcohol withdrawl, this Belgian Strong Pale Ale has all the flavors – ALL OF EM – balanced in a way that will make you wonder why you ever drank any other beer.  The longest continually-brewed beer in the world checks in at an ABV of 8.5%

Piraat – Don’t let the bitter bouquet of this Belgian Strong Ale fool you.  It boasts a clean, crisp, and profoundly well balanced body that often lands it on every top 5 beer in the world list.  Like any good pirate, Piraat check in with an ABV of 10.5%

Banana Bread Beer – This ale carries a smooth banana flavor on a platform of lemon, grass, and pepper.  Brewed by Wells & Young’s in England, this light-bodied ale checks in at an ABV of 5.2%

Steve’s All Stars!

Summer Time Ale – Brewed with all German ingredients in the Germantown area of Detroit, MI, Atwater’s  Summer Time Ale brings a distinctly German brewing approach to infusing crisp, lemon flavor into a pale ale.  This American Pale Ale weighs in at
an ABV of 5%

Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple Ale – The standard Gulden Draak is a world class Belgian Strong Dark Ale.  If you add 9000 and then multiply by 4, it has to be even better, right?  ABV – 10.7%

Sapporo Reserve – There’s always something to be said for that one beer that everyone keeps on hand – that personal stock beer.  It’s the beer you can always reach for after a long day and it will never let you down.  For Steve, Sapporo Reserve is that one beer.  It tastes like mid-century American beer used to and reminds Steve of the Americanization of Imperial Japan in the late 1870’s.  Boasting a really cool can, it checks in at an
ABV of 5.2%