About DemonLobster


Jon-Icon-medJon is the host and producer of Sanity Claws Radio, DemonLobster’s official podcast. Every week, Jon tirelessly toils over the creation of the podcast, doing double duty as the host and the editor of the show. Jon is a lifelong video game enthusiast, owning over a dozen video game systems ranging from the original NES to the PS3. He even spent a very long time addicted to the online obsession World of Warcraft. He is still recovering from that time. Lately, Jon has had a penchant for PC games, in particular, the thriving indie market on services like Steam and Desura. As a result, Jon has been accused of being a video game hipster. Mostly by Steve.

ScottyScotty is the producer and chief editor of Play What Now, Demon Lobster’s video production group.  A regular personality on the Sanity Claws Radio podcast, Scotty possess what he deems to be a “healthy” obsession with alcohol.  His passion for craft beers and fine liquor is matched only by his unhealthy obsessions with easy XBox Achievements and Hannah Montana. When he is not producing some of the highest quality videos YouTube has ever seen, Scotty moonlights at a local Detroit area hospital where he is constantly reminded of why he drinks so much.

SteveSteve is one of the full-time, founding members of DemonLobster.com and an active contributor to Play What Now and Sanity Claws Radio. Steve is the host of his own Play What Now series “First Glance” where Steve take a look at a random indie PC game and reports on how terrible it is. A ruggedly handsome, proud Italian American, and a strong proponent of masculine values, Steve rallies against the injustices perpetrated against him in the world of video games. He is convinced that a “Steve” chip is placed within every video game system that targets only him and causes his sword slashes to always miss, his jumps to be just too short and his bullets to disappear into unicornland instead of his opponent’s body. As a result of the proliferation of the “Steve” chip, Steve has become a very embittered and rage filled gamer.

BadgerBadger is one of the co-hosts of Sanity Claws Radio and the owner of the studio in which the majority of DemonLobster’s programs are recorded. Badger is the show’s resident tabletop expert, having played judge at many Warhammer 40K tournaments (when he wasn’t actually playing tournaments and destroying everything in his path.) A staunch defender of science and logic, Badger fights the never-ending battle against Hollywood and it’s bastard creation “Hollywood Science.” Badger’s secret weapon is that he is, in fact, a Highlander and cannot be killed.

Intern Ben
Intern Ben is the newest member of the DemonLobster network. Because of his intern status, Ben works two jobs on the side. In one job Ben fertilizes lawns in the Metro Detroit area. In his other job, Ben is one of the purveyors of Destiny Games. A connoisseur of video games and video game music of all types, Ben is open to any challenge in any game or game discussion; unless it’s a debate on which is the greatest video game franchise of all time. For Ben, it’s Castlevania and nothing else. If you even attempt to suggest anything else, you will get the Goon-Hand.

Travis is the former intern for the DemonLobster Network. Though he has moved on to other activities in his pursuits of the odd fringes of the videogame world, he will always remain a member of the DemonLobster network. His tales of high flying sexual fantasies, bizarre Japanese dating games, and full suited tanuki suits will never leave the minds of the DemonLobster crew. Also the Pikachu porn images made by his wife KK, which have been burned into the brains of everyone who lays eyes on them.

Scotty Applesauce
Scotty Applesauce is Scotty’s alter ego who usually emerges after a few too many drink have been consumed. Mr. Applesauce makes for a convenient scapegoat for Scotty’s poorly written jokes and hapless misadventures. Scotty Applesauce enjoys long walks on the beach, vanilla scented candles and ALL the alcohol.

The Goon-Hand (not a person)
Introduced by Ben, the goon-hand is that not quite abusive tactic employed by fed up mothers on their delinquent children. With a firm grip and gritted teeth, the Goon-Hand is one of the most unmistakable actions that has ever crossed DemonLobster.com. The goon-hand likes pleasant walks on the beach with a nice Bahama Mama. The goon-hand is not a person.

John-Boissy-IconJon, Scotty, Steve and Badger icons were created by and are copyright of Friend of the Show John Boissy .