The Super Shameless Summer Promotion of Shame 2013


The Super Shameless Summer Promotion of Shame 2013 is upon us! And it is time for you to embrace your inner fanfic writer! Please submit a fanfic of your favorite DemonLobster podcast crew by July 25 2013 to We will announce a winner AND do a dramatic reading of our favorite stories on our July 29 podcast.

If you’re new to DemonLobster, please check out our brand new Bio Page for some quick descriptions of the full DemonLobster crew. And remember, lack of talent does not stop the true fanfic writer. The true fanfic writer will trudge on regardless of how tasteless and inappropriate his or her story is. Neither tentacles, nor fingering, nor full bodied, furry cat suits, should stop the true fanfic writer from his or her appointed task of making really, REALLY bad fiction.

In order to qualify, your fanfic must meet the following three requirements.

  1. Be 500 words or less. Reading for too long gives Steve the rages.
  2. You must use at least two members of the DemonLobster crew.
  3. You must incorporate at least one of the Cards Against Humanity words/phrases that we choose on the Sanity Claws Radio podcasts posted on June 24, July 1, July 8, and July 15. These words/phrases can be heard on the show.

All entries are due by July 25, 2013. If you can meet these three requirements and make us laugh the hardest, you will be our winner.

Submit your entry to¬† with the title “Super Shameless Summer Promotion of Shame” by July 25, 2013 and tune in on July 29 to see if you are the winner.

Grand Prize
Two 4-day Passes to PAX Prime – Hand Delivered on the First Day of PAX Prime
2 T-Shirts
2 DemonLobster mugs

1st Prize
$100 Steam game Bundle hand picked by Steve and Jon
DemonLobster Mug
DemonLobster Tshirt

2nd Prize
$30 Steam game bundle hand picked by either Steve or Jon
DemonLobster Tshirt

3rd Prize
$20 gift card to either Xbox Live, PSN, eShop or Steam
DemonLobster Mug

If you cannot attend PAX for any reason please say so in your submission. You will still be eligible for the first place prize.