Rocket Pop!

RocketPopScotty’s Drink of the Week from the Steam Model on Consoles episode of Sanity Claws Radio!

Rocket Pop – So the recipe we received simply read, “Bicardi Razz, Lemonade, Blue Curacao.  Bam.”  Turns out that those things don’t layer properly on their own.  It also turns out that Bicardi Razz has been discontinued and replaced with a colorless rum named Bicardi Black Razz.  But that’s ok – we’re liquor surgeons!

Combine 1.5 oz Bicardi Black Razz with 0.5 oz grenadine, stir and pour into a low-ball glass.  Pack glass with crushed ice.  Pour 2 oz of lemonade over a bar spoon and around the edge of the glass.  Repack with more crushed ice.  Gently drizzle 2 oz of blue curacao over the ice pack.  Serve with a spoon.  AMERICA!

>>> Thanks Janel!