Bloody Mary!

BloodyMaryScotty’s Drink of the Week from the Sustainability of the Triple-A Market episode of Sanity Claws Radio!

Bloody Mary – You asked for the best Bloody Mary recipe we could find, and here it is!  Fill a pint glass with ice cubes.  Add 1/2 tsp of each: ground horseradish, celery salt, ground black pepper, and Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning.  Then add 3 dashes of hot sauce and 6 dashes of worcestershire sauce.  Finally, pour in 1.5 oz of vodka and 8 oz of Clamato (tomato juice cocktail – made by Mott’s).  Garnish with a celery stalk/stir stick and a fancy-pants lemon wheel.  Seems like a lot of work for an early morning cocktail, but it is completely worth it!

Notes: Stir frequently.  The lemon wheel adds citric acid, which opens up and brightens the flavors in the cocktail.  This recipe yields a cocktail that is well balanced and does not suffer from the 2 biggest pitfalls of the Bloody Mary: being too salty or being too hot.  That being said, there are as many Bloody Mary recipes as there are people actually named Mary.  Feel free to adjust this recipe as your tastes dictate.  For example, if you want more heat, substitute Absolt’s Peppar vodka!  (If the drink gets too hot, well, that’s what the celery is for).  If you prefer something saltier, add some blue cheese stuffed olives!  The sky is really the limit here.  Just don’t be that guy (or girl) with an entire produce section falling out of your drink.

>>>  Thanks for the challenge, John S!