Lobstertank #18 – PAX 2014!

sanity_claws_radio_mainIt’s a PAXstravaganza as Scotty, Karen and Jon welcome a gaggle of guests in this special episode recorded directly from PAX 2014.

The group talks with Friend of the Show Johnny, Wordsmith Skyler, D from Hey Let’s Video Games, and others in this three part special. Everyone discusses what alcoholic beverages they drank, amazing looking video games, what alcoholic beverages they drank, awesome boardgames that they played, and, finally, what alcoholic beverages they drank. It’s a rollickingly drunk time with lots of booze and alcohol. Join in won’t you?

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Duration: 1:38:39
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Show Segments:

Opening Theme – 0:00:00
Friend of the Show Johnny – 0:00:25
Break – 0:18:02
Wordsmith Skyler – 0:18:31
Break – 1:00:18
Hey Let’s Video Game’s D – 1:00:47
Final Claws – 1:36:11
Outtakes – 1:37:01

Darkworld Jazz by Gux
Break: Megaman 2 – The Minibosses
Break:  ToeJam & Earl – ToeJam Jammin’ – The One Ups