Hard Ciders!



Scotty’s Drink of the Week from BadgerCon 2014!

Hard Ciders

Strongbow – This cider represents a more traditional, dry approach to hard apple cider.  This English style cider balances crispness with a subtle sweetness.  A tasty harvest-time treat, Strongbow checks in at an ABV of 5%.

Woodchuck Hard Cider – This cider is as Americanized as it gets.  The balance of English style ciders is cast aside for a sugary blast of extreme sweetness.  Woodchuck represents the American style cider, which is to say it is very, very sweet.  This is not an indictment of very sweet ciders, just a word of warning: Approach with caution.  ABV – 5%.

The Anvil – The Anvil is the hard apple cider from Sonoma Bourbon Ciders.  The bourbon barrel casking of this cider lends a dry, white wine-like quality to this new-to-market beverage.  A rather nice surprise to have stumbled upon, The Anvil checks in at 6% ABV and is USDA Certified Organic!

The Pair Perry Cider – This Apple/Pear hard cider from Michigan-based orchard and brewery J.K. Scrumpy’s was our hands-down favorite.  The blending of fruit flavors is expertly done in this USDA Certified Organic cider.  Other than that, we’ll let this seasonal beverage speak for itself.  ABV – 5.5%

Hard Pumpkin Cider – ACE Brewing out of California offers up this unique gourd cider.  Frankly, it just sounded interesting to us.  But honestly, it tasted like cold vomit.  Thanks to a mid-show recommendation, we tried mixing this with spiced rum.  A brief trip to the microwave later, we were rather enjoying what Steve termed, “Hangover Juice.”  ABV – 5%.

Cherry Hard Apple Cider – This exceptionally tart offering comes from Blue Mountain Cider Company.  We saved this cider for last under the assumption that it would be sweet, like a dessert.  Catching us completely off guard, this cider can only have been crafted from the tartest cherries available through dark collaborations with the f**king devil.  Not bad, but very, very, very tart.  ABV – 6.25%