Honey Liquor!




Honey is a wonderfully diverse booze ingredient that can compliment a variety of styles of brewing, vinting, and distilling.  The crew put together a great sampler of extremely tasty beverages.  And, though many photographs were taken during the show, this one truly exemplified exactly how we all felt by the end of the night!

Honey Liquors

Dogfish Head’s Tweason’ale – A new year-round offering from Dogfish Head combines buckwheat honey with strawberries to make liquid magic!  A sweetly refreshing wheat style beer delivers a crisp flavor that doesn’t overstay its welcome.  This beer is certainly worth a try if you ever run across it, and is hopefully signaling the way forward for the use of honey in brewing.  At an ABV of 6.0%, Tweason’ale also happens to be GLUTEN FREE!

Wild Turkey’s American Honey Whiskey – The first, and by our measure still the best, of its kind.  This honey whiskey is just that: whiskey with honey in it.  But it is magnificently smooth drinking in warm weather.  86.6 proof and freaking amazing.

Barenjager Honey Liqueur – The most recognizable and widely distributed of the honey-based liqueurs, Barenjager is quite sweet without being overly sweet and makes a rather pleasing dessert beverage.  Barenjager can be consumed straight, but is featured in a variety of popular cocktails.  70 proof.

Chaucer’s Mead – The original honey-based adult beverage, mead was discovered on accident when some Vikings’ honey stores got wet and fermented.  The rest, as they say, explains the prevalence of Mead Halls in Beowulf… or whatever.  Chaucer’s Mead is vinted in California and is widely regarded as one of the finest examples of a mead that is produced in the U.S.  Take it from us when we say, “That s**t is good.”  ABV – 10.5%