Lobstertank #24 – Badger’s Origins Report!

sanity_claws_radio_mainIt’s a two man show as Badger talks about all of the games that he played at Origins in this Lobster Tank special.

It’s just Jon and Badger as they talk about some of the awesome and fun games featured at Origins game fair. Badger goes into great detail over all of the many, many games that he bought at the show. Join in! It’s a fun conversation!

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Darkworld Jazz by Gux

Game Companies Discussed

Blue Orange Games
Proving Ground Games
Naturalist Games
Off Key Games
Aether Steel  and their Kickstarter
Shadowrun Crossfire
Tableforged LLC
Artana Gear
Rare Elements Foundry
Blind Ferret
Clockwork Designs
Hrothgars Hoard
Exile Games
Wyrd Games