Sanity Claws Radio – Canadian Booze!

sanity_claws_radio_mainWe sample some booze from Vancouver in this episode of Sanity Claws Radio.

Scotty, Karen, Mike and Jon sample some tasty beverages that Jon brought back with him from his recent trip to Vancouver. We sample three tasty treats that surprise our taste buds. Also, Mike works on his bucket list, Karen sees some Maiden, Jon does all of the things, and Scott becomes a judge. And finally, we finish off the show with a feisty round of I Can Top That.

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Songs Played:

Opener: Starshine_On_The_Rocks – By CarboHydroM
Break: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past ‘The Imprisoning War’ – By
Break: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker ‘Her Smile in Every Summer’ – By Hot Freaks
Closer: The_Girl_And_The_Wolf – By CarboHydroM

Show Segments:

Cold Intro  – 0:00:00
Opening Theme – 0:00:37
No Steve! – 0:00:54
Intro – 0:03:55
Penguicon! – 0:05:09
Roundtable – 0:11:35
Break – 0:44:30
Canadian Booze – 0:44:59
Break – 1:03:45
I Can Top That! – 1:04:13
Final Claws – 1:19:15
Outtakes – 1:20:18