Sanity Claws Radio – Books!


We talk about books in this episode of Sanity Claws Radio!

Scotty, Jon, and Lyndsay do a little book club as we talk about some of our favorite things that we have read recently. Whether it is English folklore, to quality garbage, to replacements for a certain British Wizard, we cover a wide spectrum of books. Also, Lyndsay is dealing with life, Scott is looking for ways to unwind, and Jon watches something he played a long time ago.

Remember to take care of yourselves out there, wash your hands, wear a mask, buy some stamps, get vaccinated, remember trans rights are human rights, and Black Lives Matter.

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Songs Played:

Opener: Starshine_On_The_Rocks – By CarboHydroM
Break: All That Remains – Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story – By ZackParrish
Closer: The_Girl_And_The_Wolf – By CarboHydroM

Show Segments:

Cold Intro  – 0:00:00
Opening Theme – 0:00:39
Power Outages – 0:00:56
Intro – 0:08:33
Roundtable – 0:12:51
Break – 0:40:06
Books! – 0:40:36
Final Claws – 1:51:25
Outtake – 1:52:44

Demon Lobster
Demon Lobster
Sanity Claws Radio – Books!