Scotty’s Drink of the Week – Michigan Craft Beer!



Detroit Beer Company

Detroit Lager – A fine example of the classic pilsner style.  This is what American beer tasted like before you were born.  (ABV – 4.7%)

Atwater Brewery

Vanilla Java Porter – Take a delicious German-style porter and infuse it with vanilla extract and fine-roasted coffee beans.  Yum!  (ABV – 5.5%)

MillKing It Productions

Brik Irish Red – This Irish-style red ale demonstrates exactly how multiple malts should be blended.  (ABV – 4.8%)

Bell’s Brewing

Two Hearted Ale – Hops.  (ABV – 7.0%)

Founders Brewing Company

Porter – Bold, complex, and startlingly smooth.  This is why Founders is one of the world’s premiere breweries!  (ABV – 6.5%)

Dragonmead Microbrewery

Final Absolution – High gravity + banana and clove = Michigan’s hidden gem.  (ABV – 8.5%)

Shorts Brewing Company

Aorta Ale – A long awaited re-release from the 2007 Imperial Series, this double red ale has ‘winner’ written all over it!  (ABV – 8.6%)

>>> Thanks to Annette May – Cicerone from Merchant’s Fine Wine (Dearborn, MI) – for picking these beers for us!