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PWN Update #30 (Week of January 21, 2013)

There’s a lot going on in the world of gaming this week. So much so, we had to bring in some extra help!

PWN Update #29 (Week of January 14, 2013)

Someone’s evil twin returns…

PWN Update #27 (Week of December 31, 2012)

Happy End of the 4th Fiscal Quarter!

Let’s Play Avatar: The Burning Earth!

The culmination of 12 months of suffering…

PWN Update #26 (Week of December 24, 2012)

We’re all full of Christmas cheer this week – sweet, delicious, 100 proof Christmas cheer!

Brave: A Warrior’s Tale – River Master Achievement!

Join us for some borderline racist water transit!

PWN Update #25 (Week of December 17, 2012)

Food borne illness is a fickle mistress…

Skyrim – Proud Parent Achievement!

Karen joins Scotty and Steve as they attempt to ‘procure’ a child in Skyrim!

PWN Update #24 (Week of December 10, 2012)

Early access to this week’s Achievement of the Week! Just follow the link in the video!

Borderlands 2 – How to Find ‘The Bane!’

This week the guys are showing you where to find the gun that trolls you back! Also, they give everyone a lesson in trolling!